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Reviews:(496 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, Medium, SpiritCoach

Info:I’m a Clairvoyant, Medium that connects to yourself through your voice and your energies and to the Spirit World in order to be channel you the guidance you need to deal with situations happening around you. My guide and I have worked together giving readings to people from all walks of life for many years. We offer understanding, empathy and honesty together with a wealth of knowledge from many life experiences. We specialise in love, relationships, past life connections, bereavement, work issues and medium-ship. Read the feedback and judge for yourself.

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Reviews:(144 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:Celestine is a knowledgeable and empathic guide who aims to guide you on your spiritual path and make your journey of life happier, more peaceful and empowered.

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Reviews:(125 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Angel, Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I have good listening and communicative skills. I truly love guiding people who are looking for guidance in any area. Although I do not class myself as a medium. I can often pick up from spirit identifying names and messages. I am skilled in reading tarot and angel cards. I have in depth knowledge in astrology and numerology which are area of great interest for me. I also like to look at dreams and can offer interpretation of dreams. I have had several years of experience both working face to face and doing telephone reading. I feel it is important to love the work you do and I love my work.

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Reviews:(291 Reviews)

Skills:LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:" Intuitive, sensitive and empathic card reader. I enjoy helping clients get more clarity and different perspectives on their situation. I do this by interpreting the cards chosen and by using my own intuition in relation to those cards and the client's question. I have been reading for a number of years. I do not predict pink and fluffy unless it is shown in the cards. "

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Reviews:(84 Reviews)


Info:I inherited my psychic abilities from my grandmother who was a natural and gifted psychic clairvoyant. I first became aware of my gift a long time ago but did not start using it until about 10 years ago because I did not understand what it was. Dreams about families and friends that came true, signs that I get on my body that indicates whether am going to have a good or bad day. The fact that every time I think of someone, they would contact me; not a coincidence, it happens all the time. Listening to someone, I am able to home in on them and pick up their vibe and identify what has been happening in their lives, give them a constructive guidance which they can then channel to positive outcome.

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Reviews:(34 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, Tarot

Info:I am a native French lady who speaks fluent English. As well as my preferred specialisation in studying and reading the Art of the Tarot, which I have practised for the last forty years, I am also a skilled extra-communicative clairvoyant with profound, hard-won medium ship skills. I deal predominantly in matters of love and relationship, career and business, family and, indeed, any other issues that need connection, clarification and direction. Where appropriate - or when requested to do so by my clients - I reinforce the reading experience with my counselling and psychotherapy skills; these are based on 37 years of professional practice and provide unique, revealing and supportive readings that clarify my clients’ safe paths ahead.

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Reviews:(19 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Angel, Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, Tarot

Info: I want to serve, uplift, get to the heart of your question/situation, and to help you navigate through this ever-evolving chapter of your life. You should leave the reading feeling as if you are chatted to someone you have known for a long time. Although I give straight to the point psychic readings I am also compassionate, and I like to laugh. I use my guide (clairaudience and clairvoyance), or/and tarot cards to help me get a clearer insight to your situation. My specialty is looking at all angles of a situation especially when it comes to relationships (am very good providing insight into break-ups and affairs). I would love to hear from you today.

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Reviews:(106 Reviews)


Info:Hi my name is Jacinta I am a very gifted reader I am psychic clairvoyant tarot I also am a crystal reader. I have been a reader for 25 years I have always had a strong feedback from my customers. I am very good at tuning into people’s emotions and there spirit guides. I am also good at connecting to peoples past lives I always maintain to get the best from my customers with my readings tuning into people’s auras and energy levels is very energising and uplifting for the people I read for. I always like to feel they go away feeling happy when I do my tarot readings. I always do the Celtic cross or the calendar spread it gives you a good insight for the next 12 months when I finish my reading I always send them away with love and light

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Reviews:(428 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Runes, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I originally come from Ireland and I have inherited my gift of Tarot from my great-grand mother. My contact with the spirit world has been with me since childhood but I didn't fully develop it until my middle twenties. I regularly volunteer at my local Spiritualist Church.

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Reviews:(515 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:My name is Maurice I am a Psychic Clairvoyant and use my skills to guide people through their lives. I specialize in using the Tarot, Angel cards, astrology and as a medium to give clear, honest, concise and open readings. I have many spiritual skills developed over many years. I am a psychic clairvoyant, medium, spiritual healer and astrologer. I have studied long and hard to understand the spiritual side of life, and how it fits into life in general, all major religions have spiritual beginnings. I would say my main skills are in Tarot, I belong to several organisations, and am constantly surprised by the insight it gives me. Although Tarot did not come to the western world until 1367, it has its origins way back into the mysteries of time in other cultures and faiths, it is even accepted by the catholic faith, and past popes had their own Tarot readers and astrologers. The word Tarot comes from the royal road to wisdom and it remains so today. I demonstrate my skills by phone, email and texts; I also do live shows around the country to demonstrate my skills and to help people.

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Reviews:(95 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Clairvoyant, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I have always been aware of my psychic ability from a very early age when my grandmother died and started having premonitions in my dreams that came true, the next day and I would always know who would be around the corner because I could see them on a clairvoyant level. I saw and felt many things on a psychic level knowing when loved ones had passed over to the spirit world. By using my psychic insight, and my knowledge of the tarot cards complimented with my astrology skills I can give an insightful and a detailed reading. Also giving sound guidance and reassurance on many areas of your life love, relationships, work, career, and family issues. As a reader I try and give you honest answers to your problems but nothing is set in stone so we have free will to choose which pathway to take in life. Our lives often change on a daily basis and I hope as a reader I can guide you in the right direction. I'm also an astrologer so if you know your date time and place of birth I can read your natal transits which gives insight to opportunities coming into your life. I also do horary astrology if you have a question when will I hear from him? When will I find a job? How does he truly feel about me? I can ask the horary chart to gain insights in to your questions. I'm a good listener, compassionate, and understanding and have regular clients coming back for a reading with me. I don't sugar coat a reading I will tell you what I see within your reading .Please feel free to call me for a personal one to one reading my pin number is 6055

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Reviews:(78 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:My spirituality is reading the tarot and angel cards. I have been reading internationally and locally for twenty years. I am a self employed reader and people come to my house for readings. I specialise in love, relationships and career readings. I am a natural healer and spiritual coach, I rely on my spirit guides to come through the cards and help me read. As a tarot reader< i feel a great level of satisfaction to be able to clarify my clients concerns providing a reassuring voice amongst likes confusion. It gives me great satisfaction to use my intuition and psychic gifts which have been passed down through the generations. I like to help people through their troubles, happiness and life events, to guide them and never to judge. I have the ability to help, heal and teach people to help themselves.

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Reviews:(91 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Tarot

Info:I was one of the few people who predicted the tragedy surrounding Princess Diana in 1997 and I also completed a 10 page written astrological assessment for the editor of Cosmopolitan, which resulted in work for that company. In fact, she said it was uncannily accurate, right down to predicting the type of man she would be attracted to. And this was based on just three things: the date, time and place of birth. No other information was offered. In terms of verbal communications I have done literally hundreds of face to face readings and I have been working exclusively on the phones for the past ten years but in another capacity. I can bring up a chart on my screen in less than 15 seconds and start talking immediately, usually pulling the client into a conversation by highlighting some particular strong point. I use the tarot as support tool and usually start tuning cards while the customer is talking, in a bid to channel their energy into the cards. The is a close link between the Tarot and astrology and this works for me. I always put a positive spin on things and never frighten anybody. There will always be those who want to delve a little deeper into things and I am more than capable of identifying fears/weaknesses and offering solutions to these, thus offering an element of healing. Another useful skill I have is that of comparing two charts for compatibility. We do not always attract others to us that are entirely suitable.

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Sarah Jane


Reviews:(2 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:My journey continues with branches into psychology and parapsychology, while also working and mentoring people who have wanted to further develop their interests and gifts. I work on a psychic level and am an open channel that is rooted to everything and everyone. I look forward to providing you guidance and insight on love and relationships, your career, and future, while creating an empathic and honest connection with you. It is my privileged to reveal these hidden paths to you

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Reviews:(2 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, Medium, Tarot

Info:I am a natural Irish clairvoyant, psychic and tarot card reader. I inherited my gifts from my gifts from my grandmother and been aware of my gifts from childhood. I can connect with you through voice vibrations, energy and tarot. I can offer insight and clarity in all areas of your life.

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