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Reviews:(20 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Tarot

Info:I use astrological tarot cards (as they make more sense to me) but also in there are the major arcana and four aces. I use a 10 card Celtic cross spread and usually cover minimum 6 months, but probably bit more. I try to focus clients to focus their minds especially if they have loads of questions, that way they will identify with the cards.

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Reviews:(45 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:I have been a psychic and medium since my early teenage years and have been reading for the last 15 years. I am a psychic medium which means i am able to feel and sense situations around you and people connected to you, who have passed over. You must understand when i do a reading for you sometime spirits do not come through. I use tarot cards as a tool to my reading. I do deal in love, relationships and general readings. I can look at the past, present and future situations around you and people connected to you. I’m a reader who is kind, caring and sincere and when you have a reading with me, you will choose me again for another!!!!!

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Reviews:(167 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Tarot

Info:I have been psychic from childhood although as a child I was obviously unaware of it. I would just simply say what would happen and it did. I would also talk with detailed knowledge about family members that had passed over before I was born, as if I had met them. I didn't know how I knew what I knew, or how I knew what would happen, but I did. It was only later that I found out it had a name - claircognizant. As an adult I was asked to join a closed circle of a spiritualist church and it was within this circle that I started to develop my clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship and healing abilities. I have given professional readings since 1997. When I work online, I use the tarot as a tool to help me get a connection with you and within the first three minutes of your call I will give you psychic validation in the form of information about you or others in your life, either current or past. My provision of that information will make it very clear to both of us during this initial stage of your reading as to whether or not I have a connection with you. If we agree on the connection and you are comfortable to proceed with the reading I will then utilise all my psychic abilities, skills and my guides to give you insight, information and guidance with any current problems, concerns or events. I am able to do this for all aspects of your life as well as guide you along your path towards the opportunities that the future has in store for you in the coming weeks, months and the year ahead. I will not force a connection and I will not conduct a reading if I feel the connection is weak or that I have insufficient psychic information in order for me to be able to sustain a reading with you.

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Reviews:(78 Reviews)

Skills:LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:Apollo, why Apollo? This name comes from the Greek God who was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was associated with the Delphic oracle, a seeker of truth and giver of prophecy. Hence, I have adopted his name in my quest to give the very best of my abilities and to share such a precious gift. I have always been interested in finding my own route along the spiritual path and around five years ago I was given professional instruction on how to read the Tarot. I have given readings ever since, and many will know I am a very good listener and love to offer impartial and non-judgemental advice. I try to keep up with spiritual development through publications and dedicated website readings.

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Reviews:(58 Reviews)


Info:I inherited my psychic abilities from my grandmother who was a natural and gifted psychic clairvoyant. I first became aware of my gift a long time ago but did not start using it until about 10 years ago because I did not understand what it was. Dreams about families and friends that came true, signs that I get on my body that indicates whether am going to have a good or bad day. The fact that every time I think of someone, they would contact me; not a coincidence, it happens all the time. Listening to someone, I am able to home in on them and pick up their vibe and identify what has been happening in their lives, give them a constructive guidance which they can then channel to positive outcome.

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Sophie Star


Reviews:(127 Reviews)

Skills:LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:As I am a natural psychic tarot cards' reader, I cam from a long line of psychics in my family and with my natural psychic ability over the last twenty years I have helped many people with their problems and I have guided them towards the correct path in life.

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Reviews:(15 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, Tarot

Info:I am a native French lady who speaks fluent English. As well as my preferred specialisation in studying and reading the Art of the Tarot, which I have practised for the last forty years, I am also a skilled extra-communicative clairvoyant with profound, hard-won medium ship skills. I deal predominantly in matters of love and relationship, career and business, family and, indeed, any other issues that need connection, clarification and direction. Where appropriate - or when requested to do so by my clients - I reinforce the reading experience with my counselling and psychotherapy skills; these are based on 37 years of professional practice and provide unique, revealing and supportive readings that clarify my clients’ safe paths ahead.

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Reviews:(1116 Reviews)

Skills:Tarot, SmsReading

Info:Tarot cards have many uses, I use them as a way of answering questions: past, present and future and give reassurances on many issues. I aim to give guidance and insight and with the help of spiritual messages will try to provide clarity and positivity.

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Gypsy Moon


Reviews:(100 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot

Info:I first became aware of a spiritual world beyond my undeveloped intuition when I was 25. My friend wanted to visit a Medium and I went along. The experience completely changed my life and took me into the Spiritualist Church where I began a personal journey of inner spiritual development and healing. I met some truly amazing Mediums at this time and feel very lucky to have known them. It was only in my 30s that we, as a family discovered that my Mum's Dad was a traveller, who used playing cards to tell the future. He lived during the 1930's when travelling fairs were very different. My Grandma met him when she was 16, and she ran away from home to travel with him. During my late 30s I began working with my guides and with Tarot, taking private readings and small groups of students for spiritual development, eventually working full time for spirit. Over the last 10 years my private work has become more orientated towards Soul Coaching, a mixture of life coaching, hypo analysis, and cabbalistic astrology. I am currently studying CBT and Strategic Intervention Therapy, with a view to developing a healing centre in the future.

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Reviews:(40 Reviews)


Info:My name is Ewen and my Pin number is 3813. I’m a psychic Tarot Card reader with over 10 years experience. The approach I take to readings is non judgmental and friendly. I use the cards as a way of opening up psychically, so often names locations and specific information will come across in the readings I do. I have attended psychic circles and groups that have helped me develop my skills, confidence and abilities as a reader. I can do general readings and answer any specific questions you may have, on anything from work to relationships.

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Reviews:(39 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, Medium, Tarot

Info:My name is Mia and I use the tarot cards to start the reading and then work towards clairvoyance. Whilst conducting your reading, I sometimes receive messages through spirit due to working as a Medium. I focus on work, love, career, home and finances.  I am very honest and direct in my readings and therefore if I don't see something working, will say so, but will provide you with a way forward.  

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Reviews:(118 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot, SmsReading

Info:My psychic experiences began at the tender age of six, when I knew my grandfather had died before anyone actually told me. I have been a psychic adviser for more than 15 years now and my readings are direct, sincere and precise. I believe that honesty in a reading is very important. I'll show you how to live a more fulfilling life through good relationships and maximising all opportunities in life.

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Reviews:(34 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Clairvoyant, Runes

Info:I specialise in love and relationships .I work with my spirit guides. I see images, colours and letters in my crystal ball .I work with my spirit guides as well as my intuition .I have had many challenges in life which helps me to understand people better. I always try to give good guidance to my clients, and reassure them that there is always light at the end of the tunnel

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Reviews:(194 Reviews)

Skills:LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:Life's pain and joy we each encounter often contains hardships to overcome in some form or other and yet in my opinion there are no mistakes - just lessons being learned, steering us closer towards our true soul and individual purpose chosen this lifetime. Through my own path of hardships, I have realized a greater energy 'within' and 'without' that is accessible to protect and guide us with absolute resilience even at times when we may feel so empty or lost. I respect each person's differences, free will of choice and beliefs with empathy, compassion and understanding and from having over 15 years guidance counselling experience through channelled thoughts assisted by basic Numerology / Astrology and Tarot to establish influencing cycles / time scales to help clients overcome any obstacles they are currently facing.

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Meggie M


Reviews:(240 Reviews)


Info:Hi my name is Meggie. I first got interest in tarot cards through family members when i was a young girl. Over the years my ability with the tarot cards has got stronger and has improved to the point that i am now an accomplished reader. I enjoy giving customers readings and using my ability to help direct them in life, i am honest, reliable and straight to the point with my readings. I enjoy talking and using humour with my customers when explaining their reading. I love doing what i 'm doing because i am a people person and I would like to think that I am guiding people in the right direction. So if you want a precise, honest and straight to the point reading, then please give me a call.

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Wild Spirit


Reviews:(146 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Healer, Tarot, SmsReading

Info:I believe that my spiritual skills lie in me knowing my purpose in life an allowing my higher guidance to help me work for the greater good of people, animals and our beautiful planet. I also try to guide others to believe in themselves and to trust in their higher guidance also. I think people should know their values, these are, in essence, higher ideals that we strive to achieve and I think it is faith that gives us belief that we can do it. Earl Nightingale once said “we become what we think” and this has more recently become known as “The Secret”.

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Tina Palmer


Reviews:(67 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, Medium, Tarot

Info:I am a medium, a clairaudient and a clairvoyant who can go into trance mediumship. I use a number of cards including the tarot, goddess cards, ascending masters and the Angel card although I don't need to use them for every reading. I am empathic and can tune in to people and many other things love, family, work etc. I am also a Theta healer and use theta love and light when doing my readings.

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Reviews:(181 Reviews)


Info:I started to read with a plain pack of playing cards and with then encouragement of my reader I progressed to reading the tarot and I started reading for friends and relatives. The psychic ability runs in the family. My father and his two sisters each were aware of their psychic abilities. This ability goes back generations. I have a great, great, great grandmother who was a true Romany and this is where it all began. I enjoy reading for people and giving them the information I pickup from the tarot cards and the guides.

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Reviews:(175 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, Tarot

Info:I discovered my psychic abilities from the age of 21. By coincidence I was introduced to my gift at a psychic party when I was asked to join in at a psychic demonstration and to my surprise I predicted accurately the ladies current life situations and also loved ones in spirit world. As a result I started doing private readings. My current job over the past 13 years has been in the corporate world and I am now ready to work with gifts professionally on the phones to carve out my career as a professional psychic.

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Reviews:(25 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, Tarot

Info:I've always known I had psychic abilities. When I was 7, I saw a ghost of a neighbour that passed away. And I could sense/feel others feelings as if it was my own, so I'm able to get to the root cause at any issue. I had to learn that not everybody wants to have their deepest feelings identified in my delivery. I feel their energies of those that's just passing over to the spirit realm.

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Reviews:(22 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:Around 2 years ago, I gave up my career as I was not feeling fulfilled. I was at the peak of my career and I was not feeling happy. So I took sometime out to figure out what I wanted to do. I went through a spiritual journey and I have always felt a connection with God. I am very lucky that I receive signs to guide me through words, numbers and even strangers have come up to me to give me information and then I would not see then again. I can feel people's energy very quickly. I seem to attract people who are in need. I help them either by sending them healing or uplifting them. I love helping others, it brings me great joy. I also spend time meditating and I keep my connection with God, the Ascended Masters and the Arch-Angels. My purpose is to help others through healing, tarot readings and even through skills that I have learnt as a Life Coach. It gives me a real sense of living. I feel connected to the Universe.

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