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Info:I am a professional tarot card reader and I have had psychic skill since I was a child. I have been working as a profession tarot card reader for the last 5 years. I was first drawn to tarot cards 10 years ago. I offer distance healing and spiritual guidance coaching

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Skills:Astrology, Tarot

Info:I use astrological tarot cards (as they make more sense to me) but also in there are the major arcana and four aces. I use a 10 card Celtic cross spread and usually cover minimum 6 months, but probably bit more. I try to focus clients to focus their minds especially if they have loads of questions, that way they will identify with the cards.

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Meggie M


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Info:Hi my name is Meggie. I first got interest in tarot cards through family members when i was a young girl. Over the years my ability with the tarot cards has got stronger and has improved to the point that i am now an accomplished reader. I enjoy giving customers readings and using my ability to help direct them in life, i am honest, reliable and straight to the point with my readings. I enjoy talking and using humour with my customers when explaining their reading. I love doing what i 'm doing because i am a people person and I would like to think that I am guiding people in the right direction. So if you want a precise, honest and straight to the point reading, then please give me a call.

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Skills:Astrology, Clairvoyant, Healer, SpiritCoach

Info:I had an awareness of 'knowing' things before they happened from a young age but did not understand what it was. My first realisation of this came at the age of eleven when a family member passed over and I knew before the family had been told. I enjoy giving clarity and balance to a caller and hope to encourage a fresh start for them after their reading. I specialise in Relationship readings.

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Info:Hi my name is Jacinta I am a very gifted reader I am psychic clairvoyant tarot I also am a crystal reader. I have been a reader for 25 years I have always had a strong feedback from my customers. I am very good at tuning into people’s emotions and there spirit guides. I am also good at connecting to peoples past lives I always maintain to get the best from my customers with my readings tuning into people’s auras and energy levels is very energising and uplifting for the people I read for. I always like to feel they go away feeling happy when I do my tarot readings. I always do the Celtic cross or the calendar spread it gives you a good insight for the next 12 months when I finish my reading I always send them away with love and light

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Info:Tarot cards have many uses, I use them as a way of answering questions: past, present and future and give reassurances on many issues. I aim to give guidance and insight and with the help of spiritual messages will try to provide clarity and positivity.

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Skills:Medium, Tarot

Info:I am a mother and grandmother, with over twenty years of experience in nursing. I have a natural ability to sense others emotions and to get to the heart of a problem. I have been reading the tarot for over ten years and have a broad experience of telephone and face to face psychic readings. I base my service on years of Psychic experience and ability, all my readings are honest and professional, and I am here to help you in every way possible. I am an open-hearted, friendly and non-judgmental psychic who believes in telling the truth with a great deal of compassion as well, I am a very good listener, I take my time to answer your questions and help you solve your problems. I can give you solutions, I can give you directions, I will point these things out to you, I will guide you to see the light and bring you solutions in your life and solve any and all problems. My psychic insights are always informative and will make you feel able to make positive choices.

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Skills:Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, Runes, Tarot

Info:Welcome! I’m a natural sensitive, developing practice since my teens. I may “see”, “hear” or “feel” information when I read the oracle, but use no label. Honing my intuition to assist others is a welcome occupation. In a fog of emotion or drama, or facing a tricky decision, it can be good to have intuitive, objective guidance. Most callers are sensitive too and we feel things deeply; sometimes overwhelmingly. Even a brief reading can help you realign.

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Anna M


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Skills:LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:Experienced Tarot card reader, please call me for an honest guidance.

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Info:I have been a medium for as long as I remember. I have always been aware and sensitive to things that other people miss which enables me to guide and help people with their queries. My journey really began when I was five years old and when I had an out of body experience which showed me the in and outs of the spiritual dimension. My gift as a medium and a channeller allows me to see the problems that the client is having and enables me to give impartial and honest insights into their problems. So, if you are looking for compassion, honesty, humour and more importantly clarify just give me a try.

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Info:Hello I am a psychic clairvoyant medium who works with Aengus who is a Scottish guide. I also work with Universal Laws Artistic Records Past Lives and with soul mate and twin flame energy. I also work with astrology and I m a universal laws expert dealing with finances, love and work

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Skills:Clairvoyant, Healer, Tarot

Info:Whether you have issues with love, money or business let me offer you an inspirational reading and a refreshing perspective. As a naturally gifted professional Clairvoyant I'm here to help and support you through life's tests and challenges. Being spiritual and empathetic is sometimes not enough. It also helps to be pragmatic and down to earth. Working with my guides and the angelic realm will allow a deeper look into your concerns, blocks and difficulties. I translate this into a very real and authentic reading that will help to provide you with the clarity that you need and open your mind to possibilities. I fast paced world where we are bombarded with media and life experience chips away at us, we can lose our inner peace and confidence in the amazing range of senses we each possess. I will help reawaken your own intuition and empower you. Every reading will be tailored to your needs using a mixture of tools including Tarot cards, Angel cards and Oracle cards as your unique needs suggest. I am also a qualified Reiki healer and have a background in psychology

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Gypsy Moon


Reviews:(156 Reviews)

Skills:Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot

Info:I first became aware of a spiritual world beyond my undeveloped intuition when I was 25. My friend wanted to visit a Medium and I went along. The experience completely changed my life and took me into the Spiritualist Church where I began a personal journey of inner spiritual development and healing. I met some truly amazing Mediums at this time and feel very lucky to have known them. It was only in my 30s that we, as a family discovered that my Mum's Dad was a traveller, who used playing cards to tell the future. He lived during the 1930's when travelling fairs were very different. My Grandma met him when she was 16, and she ran away from home to travel with him. During my late 30s I began working with my guides and with Tarot, taking private readings and small groups of students for spiritual development, eventually working full time for spirit. Over the last 10 years my private work has become more orientated towards Soul Coaching, a mixture of life coaching, hypo analysis, and cabbalistic astrology. I am currently studying CBT and Strategic Intervention Therapy, with a view to developing a healing centre in the future.

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Skills:Astrology, Clairvoyant, Runes, Tarot

Info:I have worked with spirits for many years, feeling and hearing them, I feel people’s sadness and their joy and my guides pick this up like radar. I started to do reading about 10 yrs ago when I realised I could make a difference in people’s lives. I saw and felt many things as a child and somehow felt different to other people, knowing when love ones would pass and felt the smallest of changes with impact in my life. As a reader I try and give you answers to your problems nothing is set in stone so we all have free will to choose which path way we want, I will help with your decisions and help put you on a new pathway, opening new doorways and bringing joy back to your life. Our lives change daily and I hope as a reader I can guide my clients in the right direction , my saying is try and keep things as easy as one two three.

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Reviews:(39 Reviews)

Skills:Astrology, Healer, LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:As a child I had experienced a number of occasion where I either visually or sensory linked with the spirit world. Clairvoyance was apparent but not until I linked clairvoyance to the Tarot cards. Did I really feel the guidance that was given. I can now give this guidance to people who need it regarding relationships and career issues. Also a general reading that will pick up on an area that is happening at this time.

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Reviews:(136 Reviews)

Skills:LoveTarot, Tarot

Info:As a child I always knew I was different but couldn’t explain why. This has now become clear to me. After various experiences in my life I turned to spirituality for healing and comfort and became a member of my local spiritualist church where I now regularly sit in open circles. I had often been told that I had the gift but i wasn't ready at that time to appreciate it. A few years ago I had a reading with a local lady and my dad came through and told me it was time to do what I had been put on this earth to do and I knew what he meant. Ever since that day I became heavily involved with the tarot and can't imagine my life without it. I consult it everyday for guidance. My spirit guides help me with my readings and I always know there are there to help me give my caller the guidance and support they need. I am also a healer and many people have said to me that just talking to me is great compliment. Spirituality is a way of life for me and I can't imagine it any other way.

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Skills:Angel, Runes, Tarot

Info:I always saw strange things as a child and sometimes found what I saw quite scary. I've always seen, heard, and felt things nothing freaks me anymore. Having a psychic Gran and mum was a bonus as this helped me, I have always known things but sometimes not known how I know. I built on my abilities by sitting in two circles and a psychic awareness group. I have read a lot of books too. Also did three home study courses. I have worked on phone lines for various companies for the last ten years, before that I did private readings and still do now and again.

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Info:When I was younger I noticed I had a gift, it runs in the family anyway so I was no stranger to it. I found that I would dream a lot and would remember my dreams but more shocking that my dreams would actually come true even if it wasn’t the next day, in months to come something would happen and I would remember that this was what had happened in my dream. Still at such a tender age I didn’t pay much more attention to my gifts. It was not until I had left secondary school that I noticed every time I went against my intuition something would go drastically wrong. I then started to test this out to see what the outcomes would be and I was right I needed to follow my intuition but not only myself my friends and family found that when I gave advice what I had said would come to pass. It was from this point on I knew i had a gift, I did not quite understand everything about and I need to go and learn about it. I took myself of to a spiritual church which I first took a course on how to become a Healer Trainer which allows me to train other and then I sat in a circle to learn more about the psychic gifts I have. The spiritual church started me off doing face to face readings and I have not looked back since.

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Reviews:(311 Reviews)

Skills:Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:Hello my name is Pagan and I come from a long line of spiritual tarot reading family. I am a psychic tarot reader for over 30 years now and I only use my beautiful witches tarot cards as my tool. I am also a Reiki master and I do esoteric healing, and with my spirit guides I incorporate my skills as a psychologist and with my gift to guide and sooth you though the rough times that may have effected you. My readings are non judgmental, very empathetic, accurate and concise. I also pride my readings through positiveness and truth. Come to me for a reading and allow me to guide you to the path of your true destiny. I also give beautiful candle therapy for my clients, I do this twice a day, 12 midday and at 6pm. I do the therapy for 7 days. Don't forget to tell me at the end of your readings if you would like me to light a candle for you, you will be amazed with the power of light.

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Reviews:(520 Reviews)

Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, Medium, SpiritCoach

Info:I’m a Clairvoyant, Medium that connects to yourself through your voice and your energies and to the Spirit World in order to be channel you the guidance you need to deal with situations happening around you. My guide and I have worked together giving readings to people from all walks of life for many years. We offer understanding, empathy and honesty together with a wealth of knowledge from many life experiences. We specialise in love, relationships, past life connections, bereavement, work issues and medium-ship. Read the feedback and judge for yourself.

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