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Positive Lifestyle Changes For A Happier New Year

We’re all guilty of making resolutions to be healthier, fitter and more productive in the New Year. Unfortunately, for a vast number of people, these claims quickly become empty promises.

If you’re tied of letting yourself down, by breaking resolutions that you hoped you would be able to stick to, stop beating yourself up. You can make positive changes and live a happier life, if you believe that it’s possible.

Flip The Mindset Switch

First up, you’ll need to improve the quality of your thoughts, if you really want to succeed at living a happier life. Always thinking the worst of situations and people does nothing for you, other than attract more of the same.

If you’re not sure why your thoughts lack positivity, keep a check on them over the period of a week or so. Write down how you react to what’s going on around you, and note how you feel when a comment is directed at you. It’s your core beliefs (that you’re not good enough or worthy of what you want) that keep you stuck in a cycle of repeating negativity.

It takes a bit of practice to alter your mindset, but over time your new way of thinking will become a positive habit.

Prioritise You

At one time or another everyone has been a people pleaser, either at home or work, in a love relationship, or with friends. And if you’re a parent, it’s natural to always put your children first. To be happy in life, it’s essential that you value yourself by making You your number one priority.

Considering your own needs doesn’t make you a selfish person. When you get into the habit of putting yourself first, and doing things that support your wellbeing, everyone around you also benefits. Instead of constantly pushing yourself to the point of burnout, adopt the positive lifestyle habit of taking timeout as often as you need to.

Taking a 10-15 minute break to meditate, go for a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee on your own, listen to uplifting music, or to relax in a bubble bath is greatly beneficial to your soul. It’s like charging up flat batteries – once you’ve topped up your energy, you’ll be raring to go.

Learn Something New

The primary reason why so many people fail to keep New Year resolutions is because they require you to give something up, and sub-consciously you may not be quite ready to do so. Instead of challenging yourself to quit, promise to take something up. A new hobby or interest can work wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence, and also positively enhance your wellbeing.

If you’ve always secretly wanted to try your hand at drawing or painting, sign up for an art class in your local area. The same applies if you would love to be able to master cookery, dancing, playing an instrument, or speaking another language.

Making a commitment to tweak your lifestyle, by learning something new, could even reward you with an opportunity to broaden your social circle.

Be Kind

Being kind to yourself, and to others, has a big impact on your enjoyment of life. People who go around with a chip on their shoulder often react in negative ways that can emotionally and psychologically harm others.

Cultivating kindness isn’t hard to do, if you take a moment to consider how you would like other people to treat you. It’s also worth remembering that we’re all human beings with perceived flaws and past experiences that effect what we do in the present moment.

To change your behaviour in a positive way, practice mindfulness when speaking and engaging with others. Something as simple as a smile has the power to make a stranger’s day!

Your 2022 Happy Life Checklist

  • Think positive thoughts
  • Do things that you love
  • Practice good self-care
  • Read more books
  • Eat delicious food, mindfully
  • Exercise regularly
  • Spend time in nature
  • Listen to music that moves you
  • Appreciate what you’ve got
  • Smile and laugh more

Take A Peek Into Your Future

If you can’t wait to discover what 2022 has in store for you, have a psychic reading! An experienced psychic knows how to tap into your energy and destiny, and has the ability to predict potential possibilities that are coming your way in the New Year.

Health & Happiness

Modern Christmas Rituals

For many people, the festive season involves a variety of old tried-and-tested customs and traditions that have been popular for generations. Decorating the Xmas tree, exchanging gifts, going Christmas caroling, attending Midnight Mass, and viewing the Nativity play, are just a few of the activities that have become our staple Christmas rituals.

Some cultures celebrate Christmas in an extended way – from the start of December until post Boxing Day, and incorporate symbolic ceremonies that honour saints or spirits. These rituals often include baking different kinds of cookies and cakes, the lighting of candles, and eating traditional foods.

If you’re inclined to think “Bah humbug!” as Christmas Day looms closer, introducing a few modern rituals can help to enhance your enjoyment of the season of goodwill this year.

Children’s Christmas Rituals

Christmas is a magical time of the year, especially for children and anyone who is young at heart. You won’t have any problem encouraging your excited kids to follow these Xmas rituals…

Writing a letter to Santa, and including a list of Christmas present wishes, is a quaint old-fashioned tradition that kick starts the festive season for most young children. Modern day advancements in technology have speeded up the process of writing to Santa Claus. Instead of handwriting a letter and posting it in an envelope to the North Pole, children can now email their wish list and receive an instant reply from the Big Guy in the North.

During the month of December, many parents hand over the responsibility of checking that their youngsters are behaving well to the cheeky Elf on the shelf. When not getting up to mischief himself, Santa’s little helper watches over children day and night, and reports back to HQ.

On Christmas Eve night, children can check the real-time Santa Tracking app to find where in the world Santa currently is, on his journey to deliver presents to your home.

Christmas Rituals For The Whole Family

There are a number of modern Christmas rituals that will get everyone in the festive spirit…

To save money and be more environmentally conscious, use what you have available to make DIY Xmas decorations and Christmas presents with your family. Creatively customise wreath and garland décor for your home, and make ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.

You can make homemade teacup candles, jars of soup and cake mixes, and foodie treats like caramel apple butter, as well as cookies presented in decorated upcycled containers to give as gifts. Soaps, sugar scrubs, bath milk powders, and pampering face masks are also easy and inexpensive to make.

If DIY crafts are just not your thing, you can always opt to visit the local Christkindlmarket to do your Christmas gift shopping. There are pop-up traditional German Christmas markets all over the UK, where you can buy high quality handcrafted items and food and sip on festive “Glühwein” (mulled wine).

Wrap up warm and enjoy outdoor exercise with the family. Many major cities in the UK have an outdoor skating rink set up to the Christmas season. There’s something wonderfully romantic and nostalgia about skating outdoors. As you circle the rink, you can imagine that you’re in a scene from one of your favourite evocative Hollywood movies. And after a few laps, sit and watch the other skaters as you sip hot chocolate.

Watching a marathon of your favourite sentimental and heart-warming Xmas themed movies has become a modern Christmas ritual, as the activity brings the whole family together.

Personal Christmas Rituals

It’s also important to take timeout from the whirlwind of Xmas prep to honour yourself with a self-care ritual that benefits the mind, body and spirit…

  • Meditate in a quiet place to help you stay grounded and balanced.
  • Take a relaxing bath and soothe your body with aromatherapy products.
  • Have a psychic reading to clear your mind of worries, and to uplift your spirit.

Community Christmas Rituals

As Christmas is the season of goodwill, give back to your community by adopting a worthwhile and rewarding modern ritual of helping others…

Reflect on the power of giving, and lend a helping hand to an elderly neighbour who is alone this Christmas. Visit them for a chat and a cuppa, and make an extra dinner for them when you’re dishing up on Christmas Day.

Get together with a group of friends and organise a food drive in your area. Take the stockpile of food to your local food bank, so that it can be distributed to families in need this Christmas.

Help those who are less fortunate by volunteering your time at a local charity, or getting involved in a national Christmas project like the one run by Crisis UK. Your support or donation can give a homeless person a Christmas to remember this year.


Health & Happiness

Seasonal Rituals For Autumn Wellbeing

Unlike the highly unpredictable weather of summer, the autumn season typically fluctuates between a more accurate mild and dry, or windy and wet forecast. As nature transitions, it strips the scenery of lush greenery and abundance of colourful flowers, and the mesmerising early morning birdsong becomes inaudible.

It’s beneficial to devote more time to self-care as humidity levels drop with the change of the seasons, especially if you’re stricken with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

To enhance your wellbeing this autumn, it’s a good idea to develop seasonal rituals…

Autumn Self-Care Rituals

It’s essential to nourish your mind, body and soul every season. In the autumn you can…

Revitalise your mental energy by:

  • Practicing mindful breathing
  • Connecting with the autumn vibe of nature
  • Creating a spa experience at home

Engage in physical activity to help you maintain focus whilst also developing self-awareness. Try:

  • Learning a new skill, like meditation or yoga
  • Taking a mindful walk, or go apple picking
  • Jumping in or rolling about in a huge pile of crunchy leaves!

Maintain positive emotions by:

  • Expressing your thoughts in a journal – let the wonderful colours of autumn inspire you
  • Practicing mindful relaxation techniques
  • Using affirmations to build self-confidence

Minimise seasonal stress by spending some quality time with loved ones:

  • Enjoy binge watching your favourite TV shows and movies together
  • Get youngsters involved in craft projects
  • Express your creativity through baking with your children

Autumnal Exercise Ideas

Just because the air is now cooler, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about exercising outdoors. Your fitness can still benefit from seasonal elements if you change up your routine. Wrap up in warmer clothing and take a daily walk in the crisp, fresh air. Fill your lungs with cool air, and find clarity and inner peace amongst the beautiful colours, textures and aromas of an autumn day in nature.

If you prefer to cycle for the recommended 30 minutes of exercise that is effective against depression, make sure that you pack rainproof clothing.  If you’re a regular rider you’ll be able to witness the dramatic seasonal colour change of leaves, from green to gold, as you navigate your favourite cycle route.

Restorative yoga is an excellent form of exercise to enjoy in an indoor sanctuary on a cold, rainy day. Join a class, or practice the asanas that are held for longer than in conventional yoga, in the comfort of your cosy home. The slow and gentle pace encourages physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Embracing Autumn Via The Senses

For many people, the best thing about autumn is the delicious comfort food. Tucking into a bowl of steaming hot soup or a hearty stew, as wind and rain lashes against the window pane is deeply satisfying. Treat yourself to body warming comforting foods and the seasonal flavours of apples, parsnips, squash and pumpkins. Fuel your body with root vegetables, whole grains and legumes, and plenty of health boosting green veggies, like broccoli and kale. Add herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme and ginger, turmeric and cinnamon for an authentic autumn flavour.

Fill your home with the gorgeous fragrance of autumn, by choosing essential oils and scented candles that are aromatically smoky, sweet and spicy. Cardamom, cinnamon bark, cedarwood, cypress, clove and juniper are perfect for promoting a healthy immune response.

Decorating your space with the awesome colours of autumn can have an uplifting impact on your senses. You don’t have to splash out on new seasonal décor or accessories. Collect a bunch of fallen leaves and conkers, and display them in a large bowl to instantly add autumnal vibrancy to the living room.

Develop your intuition with meditation and mindfulness practice. Try out divination tools, like a pendulum, runes, tarot and oracle cards, crystals or a scrying bowl to tap into your sixth sense.

A psychic tarot reading with an experienced reader at Chat2Psychic can provide you with validation of your spiritual ritual skills this autumn.

Spiritual & Guidance

Woo Woo Stuff That Really Works

If you’ve ever gone inside a shop that sells New Age, esoteric and metaphysical goods, you’ll have undoubtedly discovered an Aladdin’s cave of woo woo stuff that spiritual and psychic practitioners (and anyone who’s curious) use to explore all things that are wonderfully magical and mystical.

But there’s no need to make a purchase, to benefit from woo woo stuff that really works.

There are many interesting and fun practices that are free, and that you can use to enhance your well-being and experience of life, and your connection to the Universe.

Protecting Your Energy

If you want to maintain an uplifted mood all day, it’s essential that you learn how to protect your energy. Spending time in the company of low vibrational frequency people who are negative, manipulative and/or controlling has a detrimental impact on your high, happy vibe.

You can easily eliminate toxicity in your aura and environment in a number of ways…

  • Visualise yourself surrounded by an invisible shield of protection, or inside a bubble of white light.
  • Conserve your energy by setting healthy boundaries with toxic people.
  • Limit your exposure to negativity by practicing mindfulness.
  • Always trust your intuition, especially around new people, unfamiliar places and situations.
  • Spend time in your ‘happy place’ – imagine yourself in a special location that makes you feel instantly calm and serene.

Get Into The Zen Zone

Most people who explore woo woo stuff usually end up as a fan of the practice of meditation. Training your attention and awareness away from everyday distractions, to focus on inner peace, can help you achieve mental clarity and emotional stability, and to manifest good things.

Switching off for 10-15 minutes every day is beneficial for dissolving stress and feelings of anxiety, and for boosting self-discipline and developing a positive mindset. Other meditation benefits include: better concentration, lower blood pressure, and improved quality of sleep.

If that Zen Zone sounds appealing, you can practice meditation by:

  • Sitting or lying down, somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths – breathing in through your nose, and out of your mouth.
  • Relaxing as you focus on the rhythm of your natural breath.
  • Mentally scanning your body to locate any tension – visualise white light streaming down from the top of your head to your feet, and melting away all stress, aches and pains.
  • Allowing your mind to roam without paying any attention to your thoughts. If it helps, visualise a soothing image in your mind, like the flickering flame of a candle, or a cascading waterfall.

If you need some mindfulness assistance, you can use guided meditation CDs or downloadable Apps.

Visualisation For Manifestation

Manifestation is the woo woo buzz word for all the ‘good’ things (and the ‘bad’ stuff) that you attract into your life. If you want to manifest your dream life, job or partner, it’s crucial that you fine-tune your manifestation ritual and process.

Before you do that, it’s important to acknowledge that nothing that you attract is ‘bad’. If what you manifest isn’t up to scratch, it’s helpful to think of it as a learning opportunity.

Manifestations that are aligned with your soul purpose, heart’s desires and destiny require a great deal of practice to achieve. While some smaller manifestations, like a specific item or opportunity can appear out of the blue almost instantly.

  • Get comfy in your meditation Zen Zone and close your eyes.
  • Visualise what you want to manifest. Make the mental picture as compelling and vivid as possible.
  • See yourself living in your desired reality – pay attention to how you feel.
  • Magnify the feel-good feelings so that they become intense sensations that spread throughout your body. Ask the Universe for what you desire and then let go of expectation.
  • Day to day, as you wait for your manifestation to arrive, focus on positivity and maintain a feel-good vibe.

Say “Hello” To Your Angelic Backup Team

Everyone has an angelic backup team waiting on standby for a signal or request from you. You don’t even have to believe in celestial beings to benefit from their woo woo assistance.

Whenever you need a prime parking spot, or to sail through a test, exam or interview, you just need to call on your angels for support. In times of emotional distress, pain, or grief, your angelic team has your back, and will send you the strength you need to cope.

Say “hello” and ask for support by:

  • Making your request out loud or in your head.
  • Feeling peace and love in your heart, and saying “thanks”.
  • Trusting that the help you need is on its way to you.

Speak to our dedicated psychics at Chat2Psychic for guidance and support with anything that might be going on in your life right now.

Spiritual & Guidance

7 Different Types Of Spiritual Guides

There are many challenges in life that can make us feel like we’re struggling to stay strong while doing everything on our own. We may also feel that we are completely alone, when in reality we all have a spiritual back-up team that is on 24/7 duty.

Your spiritual guides are constantly on alert, awaiting instructions from you so that they can leap into action to help you through difficult times. To get their attention, you just need to call them and ask.

What Are Spiritual Guides?

Spirit Guides are high vibration ‘energy beings’ that assist, protect and serve you. Some energy beings have previously incarnated as human beings, and vowed to act as a guide/protector after fulfilling their lie purpose on Earth. Other energy beings are of the angelic realm and multi-dimensional spiritual light planes. They include guardian angels, archangels, enlightened beings, ascended masters, and shamans.

Get To Know Your Spiritual Guides

Throughout your lifetime you have access to many different types of spirit guides. Your core team however, is made up of 7 magnificent key spiritual workers…

  1. Life Guides/Guardian Angels

We all have a primary spirit guide that’s known as a Life Guide (or Guardian Angel), who’s the boss of your back-up spiritual support team. Assigned to you before your conception, this guide is with you from the moment that you take your first breath as a newborn baby, right up until your death.

Your Life Guide never leaves your side, and it’s their job to help you achieve what you were born to do – your life purpose. During meditation you can connect with this unconditional loving energy being. You can then request access to their wealth of knowledge and wisdom to help you deal with your life situations.

  1. Divine Timing Guides

Second in command is the Divine Timing Guide. This is the energy being who is in charge of your soul contract/lifetime blue print. They can grant your wishes once your vibration is high enough to align with your desires.

Your Divine Timing Guide is attentive to what you want and presents you with synchronistic opportunities at the right time. This is so that you can move forward on your life path to your destiny.
When you ask for their help and guidance, look out for the signs. These include repetitive numbers (111, 333 and so on) or symbolic patterns (a random object that you keep seeing everywhere – like a yellow car or a name on billboards). Research the meaning of the number sign to decipher the message that is being sent to you.

  1. Gatekeepers

The bodyguard of the support team setup is the Gatekeeper, who works alongside Warrior Guides. This is the spiritual guide that tirelessly provides physical and psychic protection. They also hold the key to your Akashic Records (which stores everything that has ever happened to your soul in a past lifetime, in the present, or that will occur in the future).

If you’ve worked hard at removing negativity and toxicity from your life by raising your vibe, ask your Gatekeeper to act like a bouncer at an exclusive club. They will then only allow high vibration people and situations into your energy.

  1. Teacher Guides

All human beings are here to learn life lessons, so that our souls grow and evolve to a higher spiritual level. We therefore have access to Teacher Guides to help navigate our divine path.

These wise and busy guides devise the curriculum for your life and they can be called upon whenever you face a challenge that you need to overcome. Sometimes, you may experience a ‘curveball’ because your soul will benefit from learning a particular lesson. At other times, your Teacher Guide can help you go with the flow so that you progress to the next level.

  1. Helper Guides

Whenever you need help with anything specific, call on your Helper Guides. These quick responding spiritual guides can help you find inner peace, the solution to a problem, or even the perfect parking space.

  1. Ancestor Guides

The dearly departed (in your bloodline) may choose to remain in your presence for some time. It’s these Ancestor Guides that you may find easy to connect with if you’re developing your psychic abilities. They are always primed to impart knowledge and wisdom, should you wish to hear it (clairaudience), see it (clairvoyance) or sense/feel it (clairsentience).

  1. Spirit Animal Guides

Also known as Power or Totem Animals, your Spirit Animal Guides are symbolic creatures that are the embodiment of an ascended spirit that you have a kinship with. These high vibration energy beings are traditionally associated with Native American Shamanic practices.

You can connect with your Spirit Animal Guide in meditation or dreams. There are messages in the symbolism of the specific animal that visits you.

To discover which spirit guide is presently around you, call one of our experienced psychic readers at Chat2Psychic today.

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How To Tap Into The Future With Tarot

Since the 14th century, psychics and mediums all over the world have used the Tarot as a divination tool, to help people who are interested in exploring the mysteries of the evolution of life.

If you’re keen to know what the future has in store for you, a tarot reading can help you explore potential outcomes, fate, and destined events.

Each Tarot card that is pulled reveals insights – and together with other cards in a spread – builds an overall picture of your life. Having access to this information can be empowering.

What Is The Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards, divided into 4 suits of 14 cards.

The Major Arcana cards traditionally feature colourful illustrations and elaborate designs that represent the journey of life. The Minor Arcana cards are embellished with Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords that are associated with everyday factors like love/emotions, finances, creativity and communication. The court cards – Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages – are the people in your life.

How Does The Tarot Work?

When you have a Tarot reading, the psychic reader taps into your energy as they shuffle the Tarot cards. As you’re thinking about what you want to know, the cards are laid out in a spread. Your reader will then interpret the meaning of the cards (and their spread placements) to give you the valuable information that you seek.

You can gain insights on the past, present or future, by formulating empowering questions. If you own a deck of beautiful Tarot cards, you can practice reading for yourself or a friend, by asking a question and pulling a single card for the answer. Studying the imagery and symbolism on the cards allows your intuition to interpret the meanings.

Future Tapping With Tarot

Sometimes in life you may find yourself at a crossroads, stuck in a repetitive cycle, or feeling directionless. A Tarot reading can help you gain a fresh perspective on a situation, so that you can keep taking steps in a forward momentum towards your goal.

While the Tarot doesn’t predict the future, it can give you a sneak peek into potential outcomes, destined events, and the bigger picture of your life. Tapping into the future can make you feel liberated, and free from the current issues you are experiencing. During a Tarot reading, your psychic reader will focus on the area of your life that you most need clarity on, and will give you information that you can use to help you make the best decisions for your future.

You can tap into the future by:

  • Meditating with the Tarot

If you own a Tarot deck, close your eyes and intuitively select a card. Explore what springs to mind, as you study the colours, images and symbolism.

Memorise the picture on the card and close your eyes. Visualise yourself inside the image. What do you sense and feel? What is going on around you?

If there is a person in the scene, interact with them. Pay attention to how the person communicates with you. You can ask them for spiritual guidance, or questions regarding your future. Thank the person, before stepping out of the Tarot card image and back into reality.


Write down everything that you recall from the experience. Things that make little sense to you now could provide practical ideas in the days, weeks and months to come.


  • Consulting with a Psychic Tarot Reader

If you consider life to be a journey, a Tarot reading is like a road map that you can consult when you’re feeling lost. Divorce/relationship breakdown, redundancy and financial worries, and bereavement, are just a few of the losses that you may experience in life, which can derail you from your soul’s path.

An experienced psychic reader will use the Tarot to tap into your past, present and future, to help you understand what’s going on, and how the experiences are beneficial for your soul’s growth.

Choose a psychic reader that you’re intuitively drawn to, and write down some empowering questions to ask the Tarot. Avoid asking ‘will’ and ‘when’ type questions – ie: “will I get the job?” or “when will I meet someone new?”.

Focus instead of ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions that are powerful and effective, like: “how can I improve my career opportunities?”, and “What can I do to raise my vibe to attract my soul mate?”.

By taking ownership of your life situations, the Tarot will respond with guidance and insights that you can use to navigate your way from the challenging past/present into a happy future.

For a professional and personal Tarot reading, call our dedicated psychics at Chat2Psychic today.

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Spiritual Destinations For Your Travel Bucket List

If you, like many people, spent pandemic lockdown time dreaming of escaping on a holiday, you probably now have a travel bucket list that is miles and miles long.

Some destinations are all about the sea, sand and sunshine.

There are also places that offer a soul lifting and spiritually enlightening experience.

Check out our alphabetically ordered list of must-visit spiritual destinations, if you need some travel inspiration for your next trip…

Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka

Looming large over Sri Lanka’s lush tea country is the sacred site of ‘Sri Pada’ or Adam’s Peak. Follow the trail that has been walked by millions of visitors seeking a spiritual connection with the Earth. At the 2,244m summit you can enjoy a spectacular panorama, and a sense of personal achievement.

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Covering an impressive 402 acres, the iconic temple of Angkor Wat is the best-preserved architectural site of the Khmer Empire, and also the largest spiritual complex in the world. Built in the 12th century, it’s the spiritual home of the Hindu god Vishnu, and is UNESCO protected. The architectural layout features vast monuments and water reservoirs that were constructed to align with the Cosmos.

Chichén Itzá – Mexico

In Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula you won’t be able to miss the massive Mayan-built complex of Chichén Itzá. Known as El Castillo (or the Temple of Kukulcan), the massive stepped pyramid dominates the city of ruins that is over 1500 years old. There are three natural cenotes (underground pools) and many sacred sites of sacrifices. If you time your visit right, you may even spot the shadow, cast by the sun, that represents the Mayan serpent god Kulkukan.

Machu Picchu – Peru

Located 7,000+ feet above sea level are the remains of the ancient Inca civilisation. Machu Picchu is Peru’s premier tourist attraction, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and also one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. To reach the peak of the impossibly remote sacred site takes 4 days of hiking on the Inca trail. But you can always take the sort cut that starts at the train line. The reward for your efforts is awe inspiring panoramic views of a spiritual complex containing shrines and temples that are oriented to astronomical events.

Mount Kailash – Tibet, China

Revered as the place where Heaven meets Earth, Tibet’s Mount Kailash is the sacred spot that unites Buddhists, Bons, Jains and Hindus. Before embarking on the ‘kora’ circular pilgrimage that winds around the mountain, you can visit the meditation caves and monasteries. As Buddhists believe that the completion of one ‘kora’ clears a lifetime of bad karma, you’ll need to complete 108 if you want to achieve ultimate spiritual enlightenment!

Mount Koya – Japan

If you want to find the perfect spot for some quiet contemplation, you can join the monks at the temple settlement of Wakayama Prefecture, on Mount Koya – the spiritual home of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism. At the Rengejoin temple, there’s daily meditation practice that can enhance your spiritual connection to the Universe and Self.

Santiago de Compostela – Spain

Situated in Galicia, in the far north west of Spain, the Camino de Santiago is an iconic Christian walking pilgrimage route that attracts soul-searching hikers from all over the globe. The ‘camino’ meanders through picturesque farmland, monasteries and villages, and can take several weeks or months to reach the Cathedral of St James, located at the top of Monte do Gozo.

Sedona – USA

The desert town of Sedona, in Arizona, has long attracted a New Age crowd, due to the intense energy that emanates from within the walls created by steep canyons, red rocks and pine forests. It’s definitely the place to visit if you want to commune with nature and spirit, whilst enjoying breathtaking vistas.

Stonehenge – UK

Surprisingly, you don’t have to travel outside of the UK to visit a monumental sacred spiritual site. In Wiltshire’s beautiful Salisbury Plain, you’ll find the ancient and mysterious Neolithic ceremonial site of Stonehenge. The stone circle was erected circa 2600 BC. Of the original 30 upright stones, that each weighs around 25 tons, only 17 still stand.  It’s the largest man-made mound in Europe, and of course, the UK’s most famous prehistoric attraction.

If you’re not sure which travel bucket list place to visit first, you can always consult with one of Chat2Psychic‘s psychic readers who can enlighten you with insights on the destination of your spiritual home.

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How To Get Your Zest For Life Back

Do you remember those carefree days of your childhood and youth, when you had a zest for life and every day was an opportunity to have an exciting adventure?

Well, regardless of your age, it’s never too late to give your life a reboot, and to enjoy the sense of rejuvenation that comes when you get your mojo back.

If you want to have eyes that sparkle with delight, a Cheshire cat grin, and a spring in your step, get out there and live life to the fullest. Every summer’s day presents you with a fresh chance to create joyous experiences and unforgettable memories.

The summer solstice, on June 21st. (in the Northern Hemisphere) is the perfect time to commit to living life with more zest. If you need some inspiration to get you started, here are some fab ideas…

Upgrade Your Daily Habits

Life’s familiar habits can grind you down over time. Making a few tweaks and minor adjustments to the stuff that you do every day can greatly enhance your summertime fun, joy and experiences.

When you’re living life to the full, you won’t want to waste any precious moment. It’s a good idea to set your alarm clock to wake you 15-20 minutes earlier than usual. Use this extra time to your best advantage, by meditating and setting your intention for an awesome day ahead. If you keep a dream journal, spend the time writing down the details of your inspiring nocturnal adventures.

Establish a morning ritual that raises your vibe, motivates and inspires you. Sing your favourite song in the shower, power up with yoga, or empower yourself with “I Am…(fill in the blank)” affirmations that shift your mindset into the positive zone.

Keep It Simple

Having too much to do, or a million thoughts in your head, stops you from being able to enjoy the simple pleasure of living in the moment. If you’re serious about regaining a zest for life, you need to keep it simple.

Declutter your mind by downloading your thoughts, problems and worries onto paper. To lighten your load, complete unfinished tasks before starting something new, organise your space and time, and resolve friction with other people.

A psychic reading can also be beneficial in helping you make sense of confusion, by giving you clarity on situations so that you can simplify your life.

Unplug From Social Media

If you want to switch on your natural zest for life, you need to unplug from the tech stuff and social media, from time to time. Disconnect from electronic devices after work hours, and minimise the time that you waste mindlessly browsing.

Use your free available time to enjoy activities with family and friends, or take up a hobby that connects to your passions. Now is a good time to revisit things that once gave you great pleasure in life.

Harness The Power Of The Sun

As the sun rises in the morning, go outside and attune yourself to its potent energy. Take your shoes off and let your bare feet connect to the energy of the Earth, as you visualise roots from your soles burrowing deep into the ground.

Powerful solar energy reaches its peak at sun high (noon), before shifting and beginning its decline to sunset. To overcome the dreaded afternoon slump, that most people feel once the sun starts its decline, take drink of refreshing water and munch on a healthy snack. Spend some quality time outdoors in nature, or do some gentle exercise to keep your energy levels topped up.

Visit Your Happy Place

We all have a special place that we like to visit when the going gets tough and our zest for life starts disappearing. For some people, ‘the happy place’ is a beautiful beach or woodland area, or a location that brings back happy childhood memories. Others reach it by connecting to a Higher Power during meditation practice.

Wherever your ‘happy place’ may be, make sure that you take frequent detours there, to maintain an uplifted mood and a positive outlook on life.

Let Your Inner Child Out

As a carefree kid, your primary focus was on spending countless hours doing stuff that was fun and made you feel good. As an adult, you can recapture that wonderful feeling by letting your inner child come out to play.

Let your imagination run wild, and express your innate creativity with music, words or pictures. Get into your groove on the dance floor in the kitchen, or relive your hero days playing on the sports field. Get dirty, muddy and exhausted, doing fun activities that make you feel glad to be alive. Your inner child is waiting to put happiness first by bringing more playfulness into your everyday experiences.

Have a chat with our psychics today if there’s any questions you have about balancing your life.

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Flower Power – The Symbolism Of Spring Flowers

Flowers, blooms, blossoms…call them what you will; this beautiful and colourful reproductive structure is far more than a wonderful miracle plant of nature.

Flowers possess a powerful healing essence, fragrance, and a beauty that expresses deep emotions and a wealth of sentiments.

It’s not surprising that they are often used, in a bunch or bouquet, to convey our innermost thoughts and heartfelt feelings.

Many countries throughout Europe and Asia have used the symbolic language of flowers for centuries. During the Victorian era, flowers were often used to deliver a discreet message, when words could not be spoken aloud. Even the hand that handed over the bunch of flowers was part of the secret silent dialogue – the right hand meant “yes” and the left “no”.

Flowers are especially abundant in the spring. Their radiance and colour brings a garden to life, and represents birth and new beginnings. Whether you’re cultivating a prize worthy garden or indoor floral display, or choosing a pretty posy for a gift or a special occasion, flowers will effectively get your message across.

To expand your botanical knowledge, take your pick from our listed selection of springtime flowers that symbolise thoughts, feelings and emotions. To benefit from the uplifting energy of flowers, display the colourful arrangement in a place where you can see them often. When you’re on a call to a psychic reader, breathe in the floral fragrance to enhance and balance your emotions.


Boasting a spherical onion-like cluster appearance, the gorgeous ornamental allium retains its shape throughout the sprint to summer season. This striking flower symbolises patience, unity and good fortune.


Spring flowering anemones have black centres and a beautiful and showy wildflower appearance that makes them a popular feature in wedding bouquets. The anemone symbolises anticipation, and good luck, and also wards against evil.


In Victorian times, the low maintenance azalea was seen as a symbol of temperance, elegance and wealth, and was often presented as a gift when you wanted someone to reconsider their feelings. This flower’s more modern symbolism is associated with friendship.


The daffodil is a seasonal springtime favourite, and the first perennial to pop into full bloom after the cold, dark winter. These sunny flowers symbolise rebirth and new beginnings, faithfulness, hope, joy and happiness.


The showy hyacinth boasts multiple star-shaped blooms arranged in a column cluster, and a heady, potent fragrance. They symbolise playfulness, peace, commitment, pride and power.


The striking yellow-centred iris has distinctive blade-like petals that are said to represent the sorrows of the Virgin Mary. It’s also the national emblem of Florence, in Italy. Faith, trust, wisdom and friendship are the symbolisms that are attributed to this flower.


Lovely lilac has an intoxicating fragrance that the Celtics regarded as magical. The perfumed scent is soothing and calming, and perfect for a meditation space. Lilacs are traditionally associated with purity, innocence, and pride, and also symbolise passion and love.

Lily of the Valley

If you want to be lucky in love make sure that you include lily of the valley is your bouquet. This flower symbolically expresses the sentiments of purity, sweetness, humility sincerity and chastity.


Known for their blousy ruffled blossoms and sweet scent, the peony symbolises compassion, good health, prosperity, a joyous life and a happy marriage. In olden days, gentlemen suitors relied on this gorgeous flower to express their bashfulness, to the lady of their dreams.


Named after the Persian word for ‘turban’ (which perfectly complements their curvy shape), tulips represent rebirth, confidence, charity, faithfulness and deep everlasting love.

Flower Essences

You can also benefit from the power of flowers via their essence. The use of flower essences dates back to the 1930s, when Dr Edward Bach diluted flower material in water and created his first flower infusions. His blended Rescue Remedy tincture is still sold all around the world today.

As a new season starts and we start to feel brighter and refreshed, a chat with a psychic reader can help with new beginnings. Call or text one of our professional readers today with Chat2Psychic.

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How To Spring Clean Your Life This Easter

Although most people instantly associate Easter with chocolate eggs and bunnies, the religious holiday’s spiritual definition is resurrection and ascension., so it’s the perfect time for some spring cleaning.

Easter is the perfect time of the year for spring cleaning and boosting your energy.

Create space for new opportunities to flow into your life, so that you can enjoy a fresh start.

Banish Negativity

Before you start spring cleaning your life it’s important that you have the right mindset. If your mind is prone to thinking negative thoughts, it’s easy to get yourself stuck in a repetitive cycle of focusing on things that bring your mood down. To release and banish negativity, it’s essential that you adopt a positive approach to everything.

This Easter, let go of old patterns of behaviour and limiting self-beliefs. Replace them with positive thoughts, words and actions.

Say Goodbye To Toxic People

Toxic people are the folk who love to drain your energy. These negative people are typically unsupportive, overly defensive, abusive and/or jealous, and they delight in trying to manipulate by guilt tripping you into doing things their way. Interactions with them usually leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. The culprits can be members of your family, your closest friends, or your partner. You may also have nitpicking, dishonest and self-absorbed toxic people around you in the workplace.

Weed out the toxic people one by one, and detach yourself from the drama queen, the control freak and the fair-weather friend. If it’s not possible to completely sever contact with someone who is negative, do your best to limit it. If you want to attract supportive, nurturing and loyal people into your life, you must wave goodbye to anyone who doesn’t fit the bill.

Clean Out Your Skeleton Cupboard

Everyone has a skeleton cupboard. This is the dark place where you dump your emotional baggage and the painful memories of the past. What lurks in your space can have a detrimental impact on your confidence, happiness and wellbeing. The people who regularly spring clean this space have a lighter and brighter vibration, because they are free of their demons.

A psychic tarot reading can help you identify the issues that linger in the corners of your skeleton cupboard, so that you can work through them. You can also practice meditation to release the emotional pain that blocks you from living a free and happy life.

Sweep Away Stagnant Energy

Decluttering and cleaning your environment removes stagnant energy.  Excess clutter not only makes your space look messy and uninviting, but it also brings the positive and healthy flow of energy to a standstill.

Give your home and workspace a thorough top to bottom clean out. Sweep the floors, dust and polish the surfaces, and open the windows. Use a smudge stick to remove all traces of negative energy in the air. You can also place beautiful crystals that have cleansing and protection properties in your freshly cleaned space.

Shake Up Your Chi

Chi (or Qi) is the vital life force energy that every living entity possesses. This electromagnetic energy current flows through your body via the chakra system, and supports the vital organs. When it’s healthy and free flowing, it’s the driving force behind your vitality. Chi that is blocked or stagnant can lead to health issues.

You can shake up and wake up your Chi with deep and focused breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or body stretching and tapping.

To tap:  use your hands to gently slap down the inside and up the outside of your arms. Tap all over your face, neck and head, across the shoulders and down your back. Continue tapping down your body, and finish with the legs and feet. Once complete, you will feel wonderfully re-energised.

Spruce Up Your Appearance

Now that you’re feeling rejuvenated, you may decide that it’s also time to spruce up your appearance and image and spring clean your wardrobe. Boost your energy and confidence by swapping comfy tees and sweat pants for clothes that flatter your body, and make you feel good.

This Easter, resurrect the long-forgotten outfits that have been hanging in your wardrobe for years. And have a mini ascension by changing up your hairstyle and/or makeup. Little tweaks, like wearing your favourite colours, and the clothes that you reserve for special occasions, can make a big difference to your energy, positivity, and outlook on life.

So to put this in motion, call and chat to one of our dedicated psychics this Easter.