The 5 Laws Of Life That Can Change Your Happiness

There’s a famous quote that’s attributed to the French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that states: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” To help us on our unique and personal journey, there are many Universal Laws that we can use to our advantage in order to enhance our happiness and transform our reality and amongst these is the 5 Laws of Life.

Also known as the Laws of Nature, these 5 principles are practical steps that you can use to overcome challenges and to move forward in peace, harmony, and happiness.

How you view your lot in life can greatly impact on your happiness. Altering your perspective and mindset can empower you to live a life that is free of self-pity, anger, and misery.

If you want to completely transform your life, and to be happy, here are the basic rules to live by…

  1. You Are Not Your Thoughts

Any negative thoughts and limiting self-beliefs that you may have are simply reflections of your experiences of life so far. You may have grown up in challenging circumstances where you were consistently told that you are not good enough. Or you picked up ‘labels’ along the way in order to create an identity that isn’t actually yours. The thoughts that are associated with negativity, limitation and restriction are not who you are.

You are a unique individual with unlimited powers, talents and skills and it’s your birthright to be happy. In order to reveal who you really are, you must first let go of the expectations that you think you need to live up to. Clearing your mind of limiting self-beliefs is the key to being free and happy.

  1. All Obstacles Can Be Overcome

It’s the nature of the Universe that everything changes. As nothing remains permanent, all obstacles can be overcome. Whenever you hit a challenging roadblock in your life, you are presented with an opportunity to learn important things about yourself.

By shifting your perspective you can identify the best way to remove blocks from your path. When you’re grateful for the gift of the hurdle that you have to tackle, you can build strength, determination, resilience, confidence and belief in yourself and develop personality, character and happiness.

  1. Everyone Is Special

We are all divine beings with an exceptional and extraordinary purpose in life. Even though you may not yet know it, you are perfect just the way you are. Letting go of the wish to be someone else, or to have the things that others have, is essential if you to ‘see’ your own awesomeness.

To discover how special you are, take a moment to think about all of your unique qualities – like kindness, compassion, and unconditional love.

  1. You Can Achieve Great Things

As a divine being and a co-creator with the Universe, you possess the power to achieve great things. You have powerful manifestation skills that enable you to attract people, situations, and things into your life at will. Your life experiences to date will show you all of the stuff you have manifested without any understanding of your innate abilities!

If you seriously what to transform your happiness and enjoyment of life, you need to start believing in yourself. Trust in the Universe to support you, as you focus your attention on becoming the best version of you.

  1. You Can Change The World

You can transform your happiness by opening your heart to Oneness and by helping others to live a happy life. Consider all of the people that you have met in your lifetime. Every person’s soul has been touched by the connection that they had with you.

Listen to your heart and always use kind words in your communications. Inspire and motivate others to be authentic by setting a good example through your deeds and actions. Together, you have the power to spread happiness far and wide, and to change the world for the better.

For further insights on how you can transform your happiness, call one of our experienced psychic readers today!

5 Healthy Ways To Love

It’s everyone’s deepest desire to meet The One and to blissfully fall in love forever. No matter how much you may want to find ever-lasting love, there are simply no guarantees that you won’t end up attracting a relationship that is toxic and unhealthy.

Love is undoubtedly a magical experience. Unfortunately, before a deeply loving, nurturing, supportive, and harmonious relationship lands in your lap, there’s always the possibility that you will attract heartache.

To minimise the pain and trauma of falling in love and having your heart broken, it’s essential that you open your heart to loving in a healthy way…

  1. Let Go Of Expectations

It’s perfectly natural to have some expectations of what makes a romantic relationship idyllic, especially if you’re actively looking for love or you are just beginning to get to know someone new. Women, in particular, have a habit of creating a fairytale romance fantasy in their minds and are frequently disappointed when the connection doesn’t deliver.
Let go of expectations, and learn to look at love in a new way. Think of it as an ‘experience’ that offers opportunities to practice kindness, compassion, and appreciation, rather than something that defines whether you’re loved-up or single.

  1. Consider Your Needs

During the honeymoon phase of a relationship you’ll go out of your way to please your partner and to put their emotional needs above your own. It’s not possible to have a healthy relationship if your needs are ignored and you have no boundaries.
In order to attract the kind of love that you long for, you first need to have that type of relationship with yourself. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you or to push beyond your boundaries. If you’re in a relationship, treat your partner in a manner that you wish to be treated yourself. If this is not reciprocated, it’s time to re-evaluate whether or not it’s healthy to stay in the relationship.

  1. Give Love Space To Grow

Some love relationships are so intense that you completely lose yourself. A relationship that is possessive or obsessive has no room for love to grow. Negative emotions like jealous, envy, fear, guilt, and apathy, stifle love and don’t allow it to blossom and transform into something wonderful.
Create more space for love in your life by opening your heart and expressing your emotions and feelings. If you’re single, communicate the healthy love that you have for your family and friends, so that it can naturally expand.

  1. Own Your Happiness

If you don’t want to have your heart broken, don’t put your happiness in someone else’s hands. Your partner is not responsible for making you happy. How you ‘feel’ is completely down to you. As a spiritual being, you are full of love and joy and eternal bliss. Unfortunately, this is something that we all forget when we incarnate on the Earth.
Happiness is the natural state that makes your soul vibrate. When you own it, you’re no longer needy for love. You will effortlessly attract love that’s on your level and a healthy loving relationship that ticks all of the romantic expectation boxes.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

It’s easy to get comfy in any kind of relationship. Familiarity can often make your standards slip. To avoid taking your partner for granted and to keep the love spark ignited, it’s crucial that you practice loving on a daily basis.
Expressing your feelings, making an effort over the little things, and being happy in yourself, are practical ways in which you can perfect your healthy love style.

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Get A Love Tarot Reading This Valentine’s Day!

Sillhouette of a man and woman hugging

Do you have questions about past or present relationships this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to know if love features in your future? Our psychics can help!

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Just like a normal tarot card reading, the reader will arrange the tarot cards into a spread and ask you to clear your mind or anything not related to love and then they will use the cards to tell you where your true love lies.

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Find Out What 2020 Has In Store For You!

What could be in store for you in 2020? Our dedicated psychic readers are here to offer guidance and advice on any questions you have throughout the year.
They have a range of skills to help answer these questions, including:

Tarot card reading
The cards can be used to gain insight into past, present and future circumstances by asking them a question. Tarot cards are particularly suitable for a phone reading as it can give the reader a quick and easy way to get answers to their questions.

Clairvoyant reading
Clairvoyants can receive messages over both temporal distances (visions of events occurring in either the past or future) and geographic distances (events happening simultaneously but in different locations).
A reading with a clairvoyant can include a number of methods such as crystal ball, rune stone and aura readings.

Medium reading
Mediums can tune in to your spirit energy in order to see past, present or future events.
They also have the ability to contact those who have passed over into the spirit world.
Many mediums will receive messages in their mind’s eye which they can then pass on to you.

Angel card reading
Ask questions to the Angels through our experienced readers.
Your reader will tap into Angelic presence to guide and advise you either on a specific question or in a more open sense.

Spiritual healing
Your healer will work with you to heal, guide and offer advice through psychic readings. Spiritual healing can help both physical and emotional problems and the goal is to restore calm and balance to your life.

Love tarot reading
A love tarot reading is the best way get answers to questions about any past and present relationships and gain insight into how love and romance will impact your future.
Love tarot readings are freedom of choice and only you can change your destiny – our readers can only give you advice and guidance.

Psychic text reading
Our live text tarot and psychic service means you can get answers direct to your mobile phone.
Whether you’ve got a question about love, money, relationships or work, our readers can offer guidance and advice.

So, what will 2020 bring? Call our psychic readers at Chat2Psychic and find out what’s in store for you!

How Can Seasonal Changes Affect You?

Woman outside with eyes closed in the sunshineAs autumn kicks in and winter quickly approaches, seasonal changes can make us feel a bit low and our energy can feel a bit depleted. So what can we do to rebalance that energy?

Make sure you allow yourself time to relax and recharge.
Life can be a non-stop whirlwind sometimes and it can feel like you don’t have any time to yourself. It’s important to schedule some “me” time for yourself. Even just 15 minutes to sit down and have a cup of tea can make all the difference.

Get adequate access to light.
As the nights draw in and we spend more of the day in darkness, make the most of the time the sun is up and try and make sure you can spend as much time as possible outside in the daylight.

Everything seems more difficult and like it takes more effort in the winter. We can feel sluggish and not want to do anything. Make a list of things you need to do with the most important at the top so you can see exactly what really needs to be done and what can wait for when you’re feeling up to it.

Try and keep on top of things as best you can but our spiritual healers can often help restore your natural energy by relaxing your mind, body and soul to release built up tensions and stimulate self-spiritual healing. So if the seasonal changes have affected you, give them a call at Chat2Psychic today.

Why Do People Seek Answers From Psychics?

People have sought guidance from psychics for many years, but why?

There are a whole host of reasons why someone might visit a psychic. They might have specific questions like:

How can I ensure I meet The One?
How can I improve my relationship?
How will a career change affect me?
How can I create a more peaceful home life?
You will notice that these are all open-ended questions. They require more than a “yes” or “no” response as this can leave you confused and with even more questions.
If you’re looking for more detailed responses to your questions, make sure you give the reader plenty of information so they are able to provide you with the most accurate reading possible.

People may also be looking to contact a loved one who has passed on, so this is where a medium would step in and help bridge the gap between the living and the dead.
A conversation with a psychic allows you to get advice from someone totally unconnected to your problems/questions and can therefore gain impartial insight into the right path for you to take.

How can a psychic reading benefit me?
A psychic is not there to make your decisions for you. They are able to help you find the strength within yourself to make the right choices and decide how you let your experiences affect you.
They are interpreting the responses from the cards to help you along your way based on the questions you have asked.

If you would like a reading with one of our dedicated psychics then call them today!


Featured Reader – Dwain


PIN: 8825

Skills: Clairvoyant, Love Tarot, Spirit Coach, Tarot

Dwain has been practising the mystic arts and the tarot since 2000. He has written and self-published 3 books: “Magic The Dark Holed” in 2001, “The Practitioners Guide to Magic” in 2002 and “Supreme Sorcery” in 2005.

He enjoys using his psychic gifts to enlighten and to bring positive changes to the lives of others. He says he is also fascinated by the ability of the tarot in the hands of skilled readers and he often spends time meditating and contemplating on the hidden meaning of various cards before and after readings in order to gain a better understanding of each individual card.

If you would like a reading with Dwain, make a note of his PIN and give him a call today!

What To Expect During A Love Tarot Reading

A love tarot reading is the best way to get answers to questions about relationships past, present and future.

The same as with a standard tarot reading, the reader will arrange the cards in a spread. They will ask you to clear your mind from thoughts not related to love and romance and will interpret the spread of cards to find out where your true love lies.

Not sure what questions to ask? Follow our tips to get the best reading possible:

Be clear in your mind what you want to know and what you want to gain from your reading and ask related questions at the start.

Don’t try to read into things to make them fit what you want to hear. Ask questions that are going to give you truthful answers where you can receive the correct guidance and get the most out of your reading.

Trust that the cards will tell you the truth and what is right for you. The reader can only tell you what the cards are saying.

Don’t forget that the cards don’t see time the same way we do, most readings are up to 12 months in the future so don’t expect things to happen or change immediately!

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What Does 2019 Have In Store For You?

Are you wondering what 2019 holds for you? Our professional psychics are on hand to offer advice and guidance for the year ahead.

Whether you want to know if you’ll get that job, if you’re going to meet The One or if your current relationship is going anywhere, our dedicated psychic readers can help you.Our psychics have a wide range of skills that include:

Tarot Cards
Gain insight into past, present and future circumstances by asking a question to the cards, which our psychics will interpret for you.

Angel Cards
Ask personal and heartfelt questions to the Angels through our experienced readers.

Our psychics can see past or present events in their mind’s eye and can receive messages over temporal or geographic distances to relay to you during your reading.

Mediums have the ability to contact those who have passed over into spirit world and can act as a means of communication between the living and the dead.

Spiritual Healing
Your healer will work closely with you to heal, guide and offer advice through psychic readings. Spiritual healing can help both physical and emotional problems 

Love Tarot Readings
Love tarot is the best way to answer questions about past and present relationships and gain insight into love and romance in your future.

SMS Readings
Your destiny is just one text away. Text your question to our psychics who will be able to help offer guidance and advice.

So whatever it is you want help with for the year ahead, give our readers at Chat2Psychic a call today and ask those burning questions!

5 Signs That May Suggest You Have Psychic Ability

If you’ve ever experienced any of the following, you may have psychic ability.

  1. You have visions, visualisations and dreams that tend to come true.

These can either be when you’re awake or in your dreams. If you’ve visualised something happening either within a few minutes, or even longer, it’s likely you have a psychic ability.

You may also have very vivid dreams and can remember the details after you wake up.

  1. Intuition and predictions – A strong gut feeling.

Have you ever known who was calling before picking up? Known who a text is from before it comes through? This may show that you have strong intuition with an ability to predict events which can mean that you have a psychic gift.

  1. A heightened sense of danger or foreboding. You ‘just know’.

If you can sense that something is about to happen, when you feel like something bad is approaching, if you ‘just know’ but you’re not sure why, this could mean you have a psychic gift.

  1. Empathy and heightened emotional connections with others. Feeling others’ pain, joy, love, sadness.

Have you ever sensed that someone was in trouble or needed help, to later find out that you were right? If you can sense how/what others are feeling this could indicate a strong emotional connection and the possibility of psychic ability.

  1. Spiritual connection, picking up energy and aura channels.

You may be acutely aware of an atmosphere when you enter a room, which is likely your psychic senses picking up on information left in the room by previous occupants.  You may also feel this with objects – when you handle something you might get visions of people associated with it.


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