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Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I have been a psychic for many years and decided to dedicate my work to it on a full time basis 2 years ago. I have done many psychic readings either through telephone work or on a one to one basis. I can specialise in mediumship and aim to link with the highest and the best guidance at all the times.

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Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I have given many psychic readings since 2006 and messages from spirit. Sometimes I would only have someone's name & DOB and would pick up everything they needed to know and evidence of their loved ones in spirit. I have also been to Stansted spiritual college to aid my development. Us readers and spiritual peeps have been going through the mill in many ways and extremes and especially in 2013 (2012 was a breeze compared to this) which was a real challenge for many; as is life, but more so for us, because of the changing energies of this era, planetary alignments, and solar flares and especially if we are sensitive and empathic of which I am. I love reading for Chat2Psychic, as you get people from all walks of life and I also get the USA people coming through too which is great. I do believe that whoever needs to speak to me, will come through on the line. And not only it is a reading for that person, but, I always share what they need to know, as wonderful or not as it can be, but, always with respect, love and care, and to assist, uplift and inspire them on their journey and of course with guidance and messages from their loved ones. I have a good way with people whether it is face to face or on the telephone and they go off the telephone feeling happier and uplifted and feel that they have choices and can move forward. And have a great laugh with some of them too, which is great for spirit to come through more strongly, as laughter lifts the energy higher, for the client and spirit. I care about the people that I read for a great deal. And it is important to me and so is my integrity. This is not just a hobby for me, it is a way of life; a calling; a vocation. Love & light

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Skills:Astrology, Angel, Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I have good listening and communicative skills. I truly love guiding people who are looking for guidance in any area. Although I do not class myself as a medium. I can often pick up from spirit identifying names and messages. I am skilled in reading tarot and angel cards. I have in depth knowledge in astrology and numerology which are area of great interest for me. I also like to look at dreams and can offer interpretation of dreams. I have had several years of experience both working face to face and doing telephone reading. I feel it is important to love the work you do and I love my work.

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Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Medium, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I am a honest, down to earth, 7th generation medium who believes that my gift should be used to aide. and help people. With the help of my spirit guides, I am happy to work to ease what problems you may have. I have also have certificates in counselling, tarot and Reiki. Wishing you love and light. X

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Skills:Astrology, Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, LoveTarot, Runes, Tarot

Info:Hi, my name is Laura and I have been working with Tarot for over 30 years now. My mother taught me the cards as a child and I cannot remember a time before I was interested in Crystals, Cauldrons and Magic. As I grow older and saw how I was able to guide friends with my abilities, advising them on how to make the best of their lives, what to do in difficult situations. I realised that I could guide others as well, so I started reading at Psychic Fairs. I then moved onto working over the phone when I discovered how powerful my psychic abilities were even when all I had was a voice from the other end of a phone. Over the years I have talked with all sorts of people about all sorts of problems, so you need not be embarrassed or worried. Talk to me as you would a friend and don't forget everyone has problems. I am not hear to judge you I am only here to guide and everything you say to me will be kept in the strictest confidence. The Tarot was were I started and I still love reading with my cards, over the years I have collected lots of different decks to guide more directly with all sorts of questions. Love is one of the top questions we get asked about in Tarot readings I even have a deck which focuses purely on emotions how people are feelings. As for Clairvoyance I always get help from my guides, they both talk to me and show me things when reading so all my readings always involve some element of Clairvoyance. Healing, as a follow of the Tibetan Buddhist path for over 15 years now I can rely on Vajrasattava and the Medicine Buddha’s practices to help me here. I have also personally received teachings on Healing from some of the foremost Tibetan Lamas involved in healing today. Runes, I have several sets of Runes, including several made especially for me. I have always been interested in Runes and Druid and joined the in the order of Bards Ovate and Druids and became a recognised Druid. Runes were devised thousands of years ago; academics are still debating exactly where and when. The legends of the Norse however say that it was Odin who given the Runes of knowledge when he voluntarily sacrificed himself of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. I feel their magic as a tangible force that has carried them over the years to today, where still they are as relevant as ever. For we as people have not changed, we still feel as our ancestors felt, we still fall in love, grieve for the loss of someone who as departed, and still worry about our futures. In short little has really changed about us as people so the Runes still speak to us about the things that really matter in our lives. Angel Cards, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are much like tarot cards except having an Angelic theme. Some are more like Oracle Decks only 40 or so cards, built about accessing teachings directly from your Angels, with some phrase or message printed on them. I personally am really into Angels having many statues of them around me in my room where I work. I feel a strong connection with their energy using it to access a higher plain to assist with your problems. So now its over to you, please do get in touch and I will do my best to guide you not only find out what the future has in store but to look at the future and find the best way forward to get your life moving in the direction you want it too.

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Skills:Angel, Clairvoyant, LoveTarot, SpiritCoach, Tarot

Info:I am a gifted spiritual coach who believe that readings allows my clients to summon from me what they need to know. I am then able to interpret the energy and through healing words I'm then able to give guidance. I see myself as a conduit through which the guidance flows through and deliver the message in a way that they can receive.

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